15 Dec 2022

New year, new home. Our ultimate pre-check move checklist!

Over 200,000 people are expected to move to Brisbane and the Queensland area in the next five years.

If you’re one of them, or if you already live here but want to transfer to a new neighbourhood, this guide will help you streamline your move. 

Below, you’ll find an in-depth checklist covering everything you’ll need to address as you transition to a new house or apartment.


4-8 Weeks Before

The sooner you start planning, the better — especially if you’ve lived in your current home for a long time or you have a large family you’re trying to wrangle.

Between four and eight weeks before moving, start getting ready by taking the following steps:


Collect Moving Documents

Family records, medical records, tax documents, school records, and pet documents should all go in a folder for easy access. Include all essential moving documents (such as a copy of your new lease) as well. 

Set Up Mail Forwarding

Get in touch with Australia Post and let them know when you’ll be leaving so you can arrange mail forwarding to your new address.


Schedule Repairs

If you need to do any repairs at your current home, get those scheduled. It can take a while for professionals to fit you into their schedule, so reach out in advance. 



Don’t haul a bunch of stuff you don’t want or need to your new home. Go through your belongings and decide which items you wish to sell, donate, or throw away. 


Consider a Storage Facility

Consider renting a storage facility if you want to take items with you but can’t move them immediately. Then, make a plan to transfer those items.


Book a Cleaning Team

Don’t want to handle cleaning out your house or apartment on your own? Schedule a cleaning crew to come and do it for you after you leave.


Gather Supplies

Start collecting boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and other essentials. 


2-3 Weeks Before 

Two or three weeks before moving day, things will start to feel real. After all, you’re less than a month out from relocating to your new home or apartment.

Here are some essential steps to take at this stage:


Update Your Address

Go through your current subscriptions — meal prep kits, magazine subscriptions, grocery delivery services, etc. — and update your address for each one. It can take a while to do this, so start early.


Make Arrangements for Kids and Pets

If you have young children or pets, they can be more of a hindrance than a help when moving. Make arrangements for them to stay with a babysitter or pet sitter so you can focus on the move without them underfoot.


Use Up Fridge and Pantry Items

Start using up the food in your refrigerator and pantry as much as you can. That way, you won’t have to worry about hauling as much food with you.

Go through your refrigerator and pantry now, too, and get rid of any expired items.


Book Your Truck or Van

Schedule a moving truck or van to deliver all your belongings to the new property. If you want to hire movers to help, schedule them at this time as well. 


Set Up Utilities

Get in touch with your new home or apartment's water, electricity, and internet providers. Let them know when you’ll arrive to ensure you’re not without essential utilities. 


Start Packing

It’s time to get serious about packing. Start with the items you don’t need to use in the next few weeks — such as out-of-season clothing or decorations. Then, as moving day gets closer, you can begin packing other, more critical items.

Keep in mind that the more clearly you label your boxes, the easier it is to organise and unpack them when you get to your new place. Don’t assume you’ll remember where everything is. 


1 Week Before 

The week before the big move, it’s time to start wrapping up loose ends. Be sure to check off the following:


Continue Packing

It’s frustrating, but it’s necessary. Keep packing your belongings and continue labelling your boxes. 


Collect and Transfer Prescriptions

If you fill prescriptions at a local pharmacy, pick them up before leaving town. Arrange to have subsequent prescriptions filled at your new pharmacy, too.


Create a First-Week Box

As you pack, think about the items you’ll need during the first week (or at least the first few days) at your new place. For example, you’ll need some clothes, toiletries, your computer, your coffee maker, pet food and supplies, etc.

Put these items in a special box, so you have easy access to them as soon as you move in. Add your binder of essential documents to this box as well.


1 Day Before 

The day before moving should be relatively simple if you’ve checked off the items on the previous lists. You’ll have done a lot of the hard work already, so you just need to check off these last-minute items to ensure you’re ready:


Finish Packing

Finalise the packing process. Get everything ready to go so you can start loading up the truck or van bright and early. 


Empty the Fridge

Don’t forget to clear out the fridge and pantry. Put the food you’re bringing with you in a cooler or insulated bag so you can transport it easily.


Lay Down Blankets or Drop Sheets 

To avoid scratching your floors, lay down blankets or drop sheets. That way, you can move heavy items without causing any damage.


Moving Day

It’s moving day! Now is the time to load up the truck and begin your journey to your new home.

Don’t forget to do a final walk-through of your house or apartment before you leave. Drop off your keys and any other essential items, too, so you don’t get charged for taking them with you.


Prepare for Your Move Today

Whether you’re moving across the country or across town, taking the time to prepare can make your move as simple and stress-free as possible. Follow the steps on this checklist to prepare for your next big adventure. 

Are you planning to relocate in the new year? If so, get in touch with our team today at Aurora Realty to start searching for the perfect property. 

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