30 Aug 2021

Improve The Street Appeal Of Your Rental Property

Brisbane now has the highest median house rents in the city’s history after prices climbed 12.5 per cent over the past year.

The vacancy rate sits at 1.3% and rentals are in short supply with ex-pats returning home and interstate migration a key contributor to rising rental prices.

The bulk of the 22,300 arrivals to the city in the past 12 months are people aged 25 to 44 looking for work and for properties to buy and rent. Competition for rentals is widespread, which is good news for landlords. But despite the shortages, renters are discerning and want good quality properties for lease.

It’s not unusual for prospective tenants to drive by rental properties, and unless these are in top condition it’s very likely that landlords will miss out on that dream, long-term tenant. Drive-by tenants need street cred. They can be choosey – even in times of rental shortages.

Here are our top 5 tips for making a great first impression and securing the tenant you want:

1. Clean up the yard

You only get 10 seconds in a drive-by so make the first impressions count. Make sure the garden is tidy, hedges trimmed, trees carefully lopped, lawns mown and pathways cleared and swept. If the lawn is very patchy, or the garden beds bare, consider a small investment in low maintenance greenery. Clean up any outside area from debris, renew garden furniture and make sure letter boxes aren’t overflowing. No-one likes a scrappy yard. While owners of body corporate properties may be somewhat limited in what they can do, encouraging strata buildings to invest in the upkeep and maintenance of any common areas, including gardens, always has a positive effect on your investment.

2. A fresh coat of paint

A fresh lick of paint in modern colours will attract those tenants who are house proud and keen to live in a property that looks well maintained. Remember this extends to the front fence, letterbox, house number and gates. Outdated colour schemes and peeling paint can make a home seem tired and are a big turn-off for renters. They’ll drive straight past it.

3. A front door that’s inviting

A new front door can add instant appeal. This is a quick, easy and inexpensive fix to update the look of any rental property. Old-fashioned doors can be transformed with a high-gloss colour or different glass. Even a new door handle, door mat, door knocker or bell can revitalise the look and feel of the property. Pop a pot plant or low maintenance succulent by the door for extra appeal.

4. Give the outside a good clean

A high-pressure water clean to the outside of a building can sometimes be enough to make a place look brand new again. Use it to remove the built-up dirt and grime from the paths, driveway. Also clean the eaves, fascias, gutters and downpipes. Hose out any unsightly leaves. Touch up any gutters, downpipes or woodwork with some paint for a complete refresh.

5. Spruce up the windows

Windows are the reveal to an inviting new home, and a complete turn-off to the drive-by prospective tenant if windows are dirty and unkempt. Give the front windows and flyscreens a good clean. If that doesn’t do the trick, it’s probably a good investment to replace cracked windows or torn fly screens. Brush away cobwebs and dust. Don’t forget the blinds and curtains. A fresh coat of paint on window-sills will spruce up the building and turn it into an inviting home and rental prospect.

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