22 Nov 2021

How to Find a Specialised Property Manager

From checking Google reviews to talking to other local property owners, it pays to scope out an agent or property manager first.

Here’s what to look out for to make sure you’re going with the best.

They are experts in property management

There are many benefits to using a specialised property manager. A great property manager should have an in-depth knowledge of the local market and what comparable properties are renting for, as well as be up to speed on current issues affecting landlords or changes to tenancy laws. They’ll know when the best time to rent your property is, and they won’t shy away from discussing rental yields, tax depreciation schedules or what you should do at the end of the financial year. Ask lots of questions to make sure that you are confident any property manager you are considering is well-informed.

They get great reviews online

A specialised property management company can make your experience as a landlord headache-free, so it pays to put a bit of time into finding the best. First stop, jump online and check out reviews of property agents or property managers in your local area. For example, you can check out Aurora Realty’s Google reviews. Ideally, you want to see lots of positive reviews and minimal negative comments.

Their marketing is top-notch

Professional marketing can make all the difference to marketing your investment property. Quality advertising attracts quality tenants and a knowledgeable property manager understands which of your investment property’s unique features you need to promote and the best way to do so.

Some things to look for: Where and how will they advertise your property? You want to see listings on major portals like and, but there’s more to marketing than simply adding your property to a website. Do they use professional photography and copy for their listings? Do they promote their listings on social media? Do they have their own exclusive database of tenants to market to? Virtual furniture is one clever trick some specialised property managers are using to rent out properties faster.

They’re a good communicator

If you don’t feel comfortable with your property manager, tenants probably won’t either. Specialised property managers prioritise fostering long-term relationships with landlords and their tenants, which yields better results for everyone involved. Having a professional who can act as a neutral intermediary means you can relax, knowing any issues will be dealt with calmly and efficiently. A professional team will ensure lines of communication remain open and that you’re kept informed of any concerns in a timely manner – before these small problems become big ones.

They have an excellent tenant screening process

Having good tenants can save you a world of pain so find out exactly how your potential property manager will vet potential tenants. Do they check references thoroughly? What do they look for? Do they have existing relationships with quality tenants? Finding the right tenant isn’t always easy. It takes time, diligent research, commitment and a lot of know-how.

They’re well connected

Managing repairs and maintenance is a key part of property management. Property management specialists work with tradespeople every day, from plumbers to carpenters to roofing contractors. They should know the best in the business so that they can quickly and easily organise the right professional for any maintenance needs at your property.

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