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About Charmaine

Charmaine is a fully licensed real estate professional who holds a true love of investing in property. Starting her real estate career in 1996, Charmaine has never deviated from property management and is fully devoted to a field she is very passionate about.

After having a background in the building industry, Charmaine worked for several years as a senior property manager and has been fully devoted for nearly two decades in heading up a very successful property management business continually to confidently lead her extensive team to success.

Charmaine has an innovative leadership approach empowering her team with resources, efficiencies through technology and training, knowledge of the local market and residential legislation that is second to none. As an industry leader, she understands the importance of building trust with clear, consistent communication whilst delivering a great outcome for all involved by maximising returns and mitigating risk.

Having won many industry awards and with the changing face of Property Management, Charmaine continues to look at ways of improving her already high quality of service and strives to raise the bar in this professional industry.